General Questions

1. What on earth is stock graphics?

It’s a sort of ready-to-use content that is commercial and editorial graphics available for you to purchase the rights to use them.
You could view the content online and the graphic can be licensed immediately.

2. Define RF.

RF i.e. Royalty-Free is a concept that you don’t have to pay any additional fees for repeated use of the content after paying the initial licensing fee.
But please note that you do not own the copyright of the content when you purchased RF content - you merely purchased the rights to use that content legally without additional fees.
RF content cannot be re-sold or transferred to another owner.

3. What’s the difference between Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed?

Rights-Managed allows the one-time use of the graphic as specified by the license. RM licences can be given on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis.
Royalty-Free on the other hand, allows you unlimited usage - there’s no need to pay royalties after the initial purchase. RF content cannot be re-sold or transferred to another owner.

4. I want to use a vector icon as my company logo. Is it ok?

No. Usage of vector icons as company logo is prohibited. Because anything that has been sold under a RF license may have had a lot of downloads and may have been used many times over.

5. Can I use content marked as "Editorial Use Only" for commercials?

Of course not. Editorial Use Only content cannot be used for commercials or any form of commercial advertising as the content depict newsworthy events or celebrities.

6. Can I use content marked as "Editorial Use Only" for editorial articles and other publications? Are there any restrictions on usage?

Yes, but some of the restrictions that you note:

  1. Minor cropping and resizing is allowed.
  2. If your print run exceeds 500,000 copies, please check Editorial Extended License for the content involved.
  3. Credit the source of the content as well as the photographer/designer in this manner: “©TOTALLYPIC / [Artist’s username]”

Registration And Account Information

1. I want to register as TOTALLYPIC’s member. Is there a fee?

No, registrarion here is free of charge! Welcome.

2. Why should I register an account with TOTALLYPIC?

As a member in TOTALLYPIC, you could enjoy multiple advantages like Likebox, downloading ,getting special offers and promotions in our newsletters.

3. I just want to browse your site. Do I need to register?

No need to register if you only want to browse the site.

4. So, how do I register in TOTALLYPIC?

Easy! Click on the ‘Sign Up' button, enter your details, then hit the ‘Register Now’ button when you're done.

5. Will the registration process take a long time?

Registration is immediate!
A verification email will be sent to your registered email instantly. If you have not received any verification email after 10 minutes, check out your Spam folder.
You need to verify your account within 72 hours after registration to continue to log into TOTALLYPIC.com

6. Does Totallyoic require me to enter my credit card details during registration?


7. OMG! I forgot my password. What now?

Request for a new one here. Simply enter the information required, and a new password will be on its way to your registered email address.

8. Can I change my username?

Sorry, you can’t change your username after having successfully registered.

Privacy And Licenses

1. How do you protect my privacy? Will my personal information be passed on to a third party?

We respect your privacy, so we won’t share and disclose your personal information to third parties.

2. How may I use your content? Are there any restrictions?

Please check out our license agreement, you’ll find the answer there.

3. What is an Extended License and when do I need one?

It’s an extension of the standard license. Please check out our license agreement.

4. Do I have to pay every time I use the content?

No, not with the standard and extended RF license; you only need to pay once.

5. Do I credit the photographer for the content used?

Our content collections are Royalty-Free. You need not credit the photographers for commercial usage. For editorial usage, you may credit: “©TOTALLYPIC / [Artist’s username]”

About Our Royalty-Free Stock Photos, Vectors

1. Are all of TOTALLYPIC’s content model and property released?

Content with releases accompanying them are indicated on the product detail page.

2. What’s comping content?

Those temporary images you use for presentations or drafts. i.e. low-resolution content used solely for illustrative purposes or job pitches and not for any finished projects.
Click the image you want and you’ll find out a download sample icon on the bottom of the graphic.

3. Can I get exclusivity for the use of the content that I’ve bought?  

Unfortunately not. RF content are not available for exclusive use; however we may help you to conduct an image rights buyout if you feel that the content truly meets your needs and that you would like to prevent others from using it in the future.
Contact us if you need this service.

4. What are the content formats available on TOTALLYPIC.com?

Our content are available in RGB format.

5. I’ve downloaded a RGB format photo. Can I convert it to CMYK?

Yes, but please note that there are some RGB colors can not be reproduced in CMYK printers.
RGB is primary color model used by electronic display devices (such as monitor), and CMYK is primary color model used by color printers.

6. Are your illustration content layered?

Some EPS files are layered while others are not, it depends on the contributor of the file.

7. How long will the content I’ve purchased by credit/subscription be available for download again at my ‘Download History’? Will it expire?

As long as the content has not been withdrawn by the content provider,  even if the content has been withdrawn, you can still use the content provided you’ve saved it.

8. I’ve downloaded a particular content a few months back. But I don’t see it at my ‘Download History’ now, and I can’t search it on TOTALLYPIC.com either. What’s up?

The content may have been withdrawn by the contributor and is no longer available for download and purchase. It rarely happens, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Image Searching And Lightbox

1. How do I search for content on TOTALLYPIC.com?

Just type relevant keywords in the search bar or browse the categories that we’ve present for you.

2. How do I get detailed information about a content?

Click on the content thumbnail to view detailed information.

3. What’s a Likebox?

It’s a sort of personal folder that you could save and mange content that you like.
And you could create different Likebox depends on the topic or style as you want.


1. Will the download credits expire?

Yes! Credits will expire a year from the date they're bought.

2. I have insufficient credits in my account. Can I combine credits with another existing totallypic account?

No. Credits are non-transferable.

3. There’s remaining credit balance in my account. Can I exchange it for cash?

No. Credit balances are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash.

4. What should I do if I face difficulties in downloading content? For instance, an incomplete download due to connection or technical issues. Do I get a refund on credit that has been deducted?

In the case of connection errors, you can be rest assured that the same file still be downloaded from your ‘Download History’ once the connection has been restored. No credits will be deducted for the redownload attempt. Alternatively, please contact our sales support team and provide them the file number so that they can investigate for you.

5. Do I need to register before purchasing credits?

Yes. You will need a totallypic.com account to hold your credits.

6. How long will the content I've purchased by credit be available for download again at Download History? Will it expire?

The content at your ‘Download History’ are available for download so long as the content has not been withdrawn by the content provider. Even if the content has been withdrawn, you can still use the content as long as you want, provided you’ve saved it. We say, it’s always a good idea to save a copy of the content you’ve purchased.

7. Where do I view my available credits?

You can view it when you login to your ‘My Account’ page.


1. How could I pay on TOTALLYPIC?

We accept both Paypal and credit card now.

2. Is your site secure?

Yes, Paypal is a global service which is convenient for both of us and you could check out their secure policy right here.
Using Credit card is also secure on our website, cause we do not keep your credit card details for security purposes. Therefore, you need to provide credit card details every time you place an order.

Downloading Images

1. How to download content once I’ve purchased them?

After placing an order, please check “My profile > orders ”, and find out the item you bought.
Click on the order and start downloading!

2. How long does it take to download a content?

It depends on the size of the content and how stable of your Internet connection.

3. Where do I find a record of my previous download?

Login and find “My file” tab. Click on the Download History.


1. How can I get a refund?

With the following stipulations, a fefund to your credit card or Paypal could be issued:
  1. Request for your refund within 3 business days of your purchase.
  2. You must not have downloaded more than 10 contents.
  3. E-mail us and delete all downloaded content (make sure you won’t use them in any way)

2. Why didn't I get a full refund as stated by your 100% money back guarantee?

Because your credit card issuing bank will charge some processing fees to card holder. We’re unable to refund these fees, please contact your credit card merchant bank for further details.